Synergas (referred to as the Company) owns and now operates a modern fleet of excellent ships, quality built, and with a high standard in construction and equipment.

It is the policy of the Company to ensure that all employees are able to execute their work under safe, healthy and correct working conditions by complying with statutory rules and regulations.

The Company establishes that all the operations carried out by its own personnel both on board and ashore will emphasize its commitment to the following long term goals :

  • Prevent physical injury and loss of life with the aim of ‘Zero Incidents’;
  • Protect the environment with the aim of ‘Zero Spills’;The Company’s aim is to eliminate all known risks that may result in accidents/incidents, injuries, illness, damage to property or the environment. The recognition of any potential risk becomes ‘the backbone of our organization’ and efforts are strongly aimed towards the prevention of errors, hazardous situations and incidents both on board and ashore.Therefore the Company will bear the burden of identifying and evaluating all the risks connected to the safeguarding of human life, the vessel and the environment, establishing appropriate procedures in order to minimize, and where possible, to eliminate the aforesaid risks.However, should such a situation occur, every employee is required to utilize, among other things, the reporting system for ‘Accident/Incident’, ‘Near-Accident / Near-Miss’, ‘Non-Conformity’ and thus participate in determining and eliminating possible causes for the incident in order that in the future, a re-occurrence is avoided. Environmental Protection Policy; These ‘Company Policies’ are required to be posted on board all vessels and in Company’s offices.
  • The ultimate responsibility in ensuring the implementation and maintaining of the Company’s policies at all levels within the whole organization remains solely with the Management.
  • The Designated Persons have full authority to perform their duties as described in the ISM Code, providing the link between the Company and the crew on board our vessels with the direct access to the Company’s Top Management.
  • These policies are implemented through the processes described in the Company’s Safety Management System, and are clearly defined in procedures containing job description, standing orders, instructions, forms, checklists, posters and in the distribution of relevant information.
  • Personnel Policy;
  • Safety Management Policy;
  • In order to achieve safety and environmental excellence, the Management has issued detailed policies, covering all activities performed on board and ashore. These include:
  • The Management reviews annually the Safety Management System in order to verify its effectiveness and for the purpose of a continuous improvement of the system.
  • The Company gives the highest possible priority to its Safety Management System and strongly emphasizes that each individual employee within the organization must meet and maintain high quality standards.
  • The Management believes that safety is best served through a free and open dialogue and that this, together with an implemented ‘no-blame’ policy, prevents accidents.
  • The Company requires that whenever a conflict arises between commercial or economic motives and the above points, the Master shall always decide by giving priority to the latter in accordance with the above established order.

Napoli , 15/06/2015